Employee Speak

Swati Chhetri

 A place where you can paint your own canvas. It’s an organisation which gives you many opportunity to excel and also empowers to achieve organisational and personal goals. The management treat you as an Entrepreneur and not an employee. Hence, it’s a place for those who want to self-driven! 

Manisha Bhagat

 One of the best environment to work at for work life balance. Also good people, good place, unity, flexible working hours and spirit of resilience. 

Sree Rupa Biswas:

 For me symmetrical is a place where I have learnt most of my recruitment skills. I joined Symmetrical with 2 years of experience but I did not have any idea about what social media recruitment was. Back then, I was a traditional recruiter who was stuck between different portals.

“As you climb the ladder of success, be sure it’s leaning against the right building.”
Anonymous Author 


 If you’re a fresh graduate filled with zeal and passion for recruitment, then Symmetrical is just the firm for you to join. Symmetrical is an organization where you learn while you work, learning’s are a part of your day to day job and you get an exposure to work with/on the best possible techniques/tools involved in recruitment.

"The work environment is very flexible and the management quite cooperative." 

Bharti Maglotia

 Symmetrical is an Organization where you can learn new things every day. I have started my career with symmetrical and it’s been almost 5 yrs now.
The work culture and environment in our organization is extremely positive and harmonious. Here my talent has always been recognized and rewarded.
My Journey with symmetrical is full of Growth and success. It’s a Continuous learning environment where everyone strives to enhance their skills.

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. – Colin Powell" 


 Symmetrical has a positive environment which actually fills you with positivity in your professional and personal life. The concept of learning sharing and growing together motivates and fills us with new ideas. The organization focuses on bringing out the best in an employee. It has great worklife balance. There is tremendous amount of freedom and visibility for employees to enhance their careers.