There is an overall improvement in the profitability situation in the recent years and also broad convergence of profitability across various bank groups. Since the mid-1990s, profitability levels of commercial banks have hovered in range of 0.7-0.8 per cent, except during certain exceptional years. With the retail-banking sector expected to grow at a rate of 30%, players are focusing more and more on the retail sector and are waking up to the potential of this sector of banking.

The insurance sector in India has come a full circle from being an open competitive market to nationalize and then back to a liberalized market again.

We are a team of highly experienced consultants, who work with the highest integrity to ensure best fit for each mandate we undertake. All our consultants have been hand-picked for their domain knowledge & expertise, which gives us the edge to deliver the right-talent-for –the-right-job. Our range of recruitment services includes executive search and selection, advertised selection and RPO solutions. 

Our consultants have assignment resolution experience in financial services area encompassing commercial & investment banking, consumer finance & retail banking, insurance and asset management.  

Some Closed Assignments.... 

Case Study

A Norway based service provider in the field of banking solution product was seeking to expand their operations in India and they were looking for a person who can handle their entire Indian operations.

Challenge: As this sector was relatively niche in India, there were very few experienced candidates. Also it was a tough task to convince them of shifting since our client was not a very well-known brand.

Solution: After spending a considerate amount of time, we came up with a suggestion of employing people who had an experience in the banking services. The client accepted our suggestion and hired a person as the Director for their Indian operations.

Result: In a period of 3 years the candidate has not only built their Indian operations but has also built a team of 150 committed people who have enabled our client to gain a substantial market share in India. The candidate has moved to US and is replicating the Indian success story in US.