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Job Position: Senior Associate – Financial Research
Job Description: Candidate will be working as Fixed Income Research analyst for the securities across the spectrum including Investment Grade, High-Yield, Municipal and distress debt.
• Should have strong written and verbal communications.
• Preparing comprehensive financial models with forecasting based on in-depth study of operating statistics
• Detailed debt structure, maturity schedule and liquidity analysis
• Good understanding of financial covenants
• Writing credit research notes / profiles on corporates
• Relative Valuation and Industry research reports
• Municipal issuers credit review report for general obligation and revenue bonds
• Working on pilot projects with stringent timelines

•Candidate should have relevant experience of at least 2-5 years
•Candidate should have done MBA (finance) or CFA
•Desire to work in a fast paced, challenging environment where you need to push yourself all the time.
•Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
•Motivated, fast thinking, dynamic person with strong business acumen
•Mature individual with a professional work ethic, and high degree of ownership and accountability.
•In depth study of the financial statements and building detailed fixed income financial models (Companies including US & Europe) including spreading of financials (Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement) for last 5 years, calculation of Free Cash Flow, Adjusted EBITDA based multiples, credit ratios, liquidity assessment, covenants check etc.
•Financial forecasting based on the analysis of operating statistics, key financial metrics, Industry research, company presentations etc.
•Detailed Debt structure analysis by segregating total debt on seniority wise (1st lien, 2nd lien & subordinate debt); calculation of leverage at each level. Creation of Pro Forma debt structure & maturity schedule for new issuance.
•Debt Maturity Analysis with liquidity calculation and credit facility study
•Writing Credit memo including company description, S&P and Moody’s Ratings Rationale, operating footprints, growth strategy, financial targets, covenant compliance, credit facility availability, SWOT Analysis, Long term outlook etc.
•Quarterly detailed earning write-ups including financials performance versus consensus, company guidance, Capex estimation, funding plan etc.
•Relative Valuation (for bonds) Comparison of Bond prices, Yield to maturity & Yield to worst, OAS, key credit ratios etc.
Company Name: Client of Symmetrical.
Location: Noida
Job Code:HR/SGS/1037
Experience :2
Job Salary:
Last Date To Apply: 25-12-2016
Posted on : 19-12-2016