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Job Position: Project Manager
Job Description:Works with the production specialist, supports and partners in event planning.
•Managing merchandising & branding as per brand guidelines such as event collaterals, T-shirts, backdrop designs, set designs etc
•Works backend helping in developing event files such as Manpower plan/ responsibility sheet/ Travel plan/Show flow etc
•Communicates with staff and team internally briefing them on event plan, conducts meetings to ensure everyone is well briefed and updated timely on event progress
•Helps plan event logistics such as Travel/Stay/F&B hotel contracts etc with admin team, ensures event logistics are under control
•Plans the tele calling process for audience generation (mi fans) at the event and communicates with call center team to ensure requirements are met, monitors progress closely
•Interacts with the agency, communicates changes in plan or updates new brief in a timely manner, ensures they are briefed/ready & going into the event well prepared
•Sets-up meetings and calendar for event planning with agency, Prepares meetings, monitors schedules, deadlines and monitors project status and gives a timely update, alerts production specialist if running behind schedule
•Plans event overall and pulls team along for smooth execution
•Self motivated, goal and result oriented, always a support to your team members

•Excellent written and oral communication skills
•Good interpersonal skills, organizational ability and time management
•Attention to detail and ability to work effectively under pressure, should know how to multitask
•Willingness to work unsociable hours
•Imagination and creativity
Company Name: Client of Symmetrical.
Location: Bangalore
Job Code:HR/SGS/937
Experience :5
Job Salary:
Last Date To Apply: 15.4.2016
Posted on : 6.4.2016