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Job Position: Exclusive Relationship Manager - Branch Banking
Job Description:Manage relationships of an existing portfolio of clients to up-sell and cross-sell different products of the bank with main focus on Wealth.
•Acquires new customers through active referrals from clients in existing portfolio and self generated leads and thereafter adds these clients to his/her existing portfolio for future cross sell.
•Implements client engagement programs with a view to ensure top of mind recall for clients in his/her portfolio.
•Easily establish relationship with customers and build a rapport.
•Relate well to different types of customers and adapt his/her style to ensure that the customer is comfortable with the Bank.
•Is able to instil confidence in the customer on providing financial advice related to investments, insurance, simple banking transactions.

•Graduate / MBA
•AMFI / Insurance certification preferred.

•Sales experience of 6-8 years
•Experience in Investment firms, brokerage, Insurance cos., banks
•Alternatively, sales experience in allied industries involving relationship management like hotels, high end time-share, large developers
•Small Entrepreneurs - DSA owners who manage customer relationships themselves

•Ability to communicate in English and Vernacular effectively and express ones viewpoint clearly
•Good networking skills - ability to start relationships and build rapport.
•Good analytical skills at an elementary level
•Ability to understand & sell a variety of products.
•Good follow up skills. Should be able organize own time effectively and structure own activities
•Is able to persuade others to one own point of view and present the key benefits persuasively.
•Is able to remain calm and composed in adverse situations and answer customer objections convincingly and professionally.
•Has an entrepreneurial orientation
•Likes working on his own and does not aspire to manage people.
•Has a strong desire to be in control of his own destiny & does not want to depend on other people
•Extrovert & affable in nature.
•Likes interacting and dealing with people / customers.
Company Name: Client of Symmetrical.
Location: Bangalore
Job Code:HR/SGS/909
Experience :6
Job Salary:
Last Date To Apply:
Posted on : 20.2.2016