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Job Position: Sr.Mgr – DA (Supply Chain + Marketing analytics)
Job Description:Independently manage multiple projects of varying complexities, ensuring top notch quality and timeline adherence.
•Act as super PL on various projects aiding strategic decision making for our blue chip client base
•Help various project teams organize and manage client data and carry out logical accuracy and consistency checks on data using spreadsheets, statistical software and RDBMS packages like SAS, SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, etc.
•Identify trends and evaluate insights in terms of logic and reasoning
•Conduct sanity checks of analysis findings based on reasoning and past experience, and ensure that deliverables are client ready

People Management
•Guide junior PLs and team members on understanding client objectives better and translate the business questions into an analytical plan with associated priorities and constraints
•Help and guide team members on how to use and implement basic and advanced statistical techniques like linear/non-linear Regression, Decision Trees, Segmentation, SEM, forecasting etc. on various projects
•Act as a career guide/mentor for members of the group
•Provide timely feedback and write appraisals

Client Management
•Act as client lead and maintain client relationship; make independent key decisions related to client management
•Be a part of deliverable discussions with clients over telephonic calls, and guide the project team on the next steps and way forward

•Conduct training and develop training modules at an organizational level
•Help execute organizational responsibilities by playing an active role in the same (such as training, recruitment, process building, setting up teams, etc.)
•Active participation in the recruitment process of new joiners from various campuses as well as for lateral hires; develop questionnaire, conduct group discussions and undertake technical rounds of interviews for the potential candidates in coordination with the HR team
•Engage in various organizational initiatives including new product development, portal management and ideating for new concepts at organization level to develop methodologies and standardize processes

•7-9 years of relevant experience in Advanced Analytics across a variety of projects starting from basic reporting, dashboard development, EDA, segmentation, forecasting, predictive modeling, optimization
•Experience in managing, cleaning and analysis of large datasets using statistical packages like SAS, R
•Experience in handling client calls and client management independently
•Experience of handling teams of 15 - 20 individuals
•Knowledge of basic statistical tools and techniques like cross-tabulations, correlation, regression, etc.
•Knowledge of working across multiple data types and files like flat files, RDBMS files, Excel datasheets, etc.
•Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques like Decision trees, CART, SEM, Forecasting techniques
•Excellent communication skills (both written and oral)
•MS Excel, SAS/R, Access/SQL, PPT
•Project management
•Engineers from top tier institutes (IITs, DCE/NSIT, NITs) or Post Graduates in Maths/Statistics/OR from top Tier Colleges/Universities
Company Name: Client of Symmetrical.
Location: Noida
Job Code:HR/SGS/1093
Experience :7
Job Salary:
Last Date To Apply: 14-05-2017
Posted on : 05-05-2017