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Job Position: Director - Service & Technology Development
Job Description:You will work with internal and external teams to build company global platform with an agile development, continuous integration, highly instrumented, lights-out operational paradigm.
•Company enables a new network paradigm in which app policies control global, software-defined networks to get top security and performance.

•Design and develop real-time policy, routing and session control for a globally distributed, five-nines availability platform
•Design and develop application interfaces and web services (northbound and southbound APIs)
•Integrate third party libraries and SDKs
•Develop management plane interfaces
•Develop applications on top of our platform
•7+ overall years of senior development experience with 3+ years building mission critical (99.999% uptime), distributed, high-transaction oriented systems
•Startup and new product development experience
•Telecom or networking domain expertise
•SIP, WebRTC, UDP, RTP, SRTP experience
Company Name: Client of Symmetrical.
Location: US
Job Code:HR/SGS/1034
Experience :7
Job Salary:
Last Date To Apply: 20-12-2016
Posted on : 6-12-2016