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Job Position: Manager - Learning & Development
Job Description:This role is responsible for planning, organising, budgeting and conducting training and development programs for all employees in accordance with the needs of the Firm at a corporate level, including content, delivering of training programs and evaluation of the effectiveness of the trainings.
•Responsible for developing the learning and development programs across levels and teams within the Firm
•Create and update the learning and development policies and procedures regularly and to evaluate the most effective and cost-efficient way to deliver relevant training to employees throughout the Firm
•Able to identify the training needs, based on upcoming projects and processes.
•Roll out of need based, role based learning journeys with automated tools
•Operate as an internal consultant to the various teams within the Firm in the identification, development and implementation of training solutions that have business relevance and impact
•Planning and prioritising the competency driven organisational interventions
•Develop and organize training manuals, multimedia visual aids and other informative materials.
•Encourage a culture of learning by facilitating e-learning, webinars, classroom programs etc.
•Designing effective in-house programs across levels and teams within the Firm. Ability to identify third party vendors for training programs in order to promote performance excellence.
•Also, work closely with third party vendors to drive the positive outcome of the training program
•Establish outreach and partnerships with other organisations, institutions and knowledge providers (consultants, assessment providers, colleges and universities, etc.) and coordinate training courses with these organisations/providers
•Research industry trends, new technologies, concepts, and techniques to update current training curriculum
•Establish, implement and monitor all appropriate performance metrics for learning and development
•Develop and implement methods for evaluating the effectiveness of trainings, delivery of training and modify the program based on the feedback received
•Prepare the training budget and training calendar as per the Firm’s requirement and to generate the requisite reports

•Training Content Development
•Training Coordination
•Interacting with SBU Heads to identify training needs End to end training Delivery
•IC Role (One executive would be reporting in L&D domain)
Company Name: Client of Symmetrical.
Location: Noida
Job Code:HR/SGS/1002
Experience :10
Job Salary:
Last Date To Apply: 04-09-2016
Posted on : 30-08-2016