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Job Position: Senior Linux Administrator
Job Description:Senior Linux Administrator with top notch organizational, technical, process and automation skills to be part of High performance Hosting and Cloud InfrastructureTeam.
•As an Infrastructure Administrator, this person is responsible for the daily administration of Linux and Unix servers in a business application environment.
•This includes general system administration tasks, software and hardware support, system configuration, system monitoring.
•This person must have Linux/Unix awareness, with excellent customer relation skills.
•Candidate should be able to work with business application administrators, helping trouble-shoot their applications and guide them with best practices.
•Candidate must be able to express thoughts clearly and capable of working in a team or as a sole contributor.
•Individual should be self-motivated with very good communication skills.
•Primary point responsible for the overall operability, resiliency, performance, and capacity of owned production services.

•Strategy Setting and Execution
•Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment
•Program debugging skills
•Logging and monitoring(Logstash+GreyLog)
•Understanding of Statistics
•Stakeholders Management
•Capacity planning
•Project Management
•Vendor Management
•Trouble Shooting & Decision making
•Training & Recruitment
•Finance and Budget Control
•IT-Infrastructure Design
•Strong DNS Concepts

•Extensive experience in system administration with hands-on knowledge in Linux,Oracle, Tomcat, Apache, shell scripting.
•Well versed with Mongo DB installation,configuration & management.
•Ability to build HA, high performance, clusters and load balanced environment and near zero downtime architecture.
•Ability to build and run more than 100 servers/VMs in dedicated and cloud platforms.
•A solid understanding of networking/distributed computing environment concepts;understands principles of routing, client/server programming, the design of consistent •network-wide file system layouts.
•Knowledge of continuous integration tools like Jenkins.
•Understanding of networking technologies Switches, Firewalls, Routers, IP routing, load balancers, failure modes & diagnostics.
•Well versed with tools like sysstat, dstat, oprofile, Frysk, SystemTap.
•Knowledge of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis & in-depth fine-tuning procedures & advanced troubleshooting.
•Deep understanding of file systems - ext{234}, ntfs, XFS and recovery techniques.
•Knowledge of replicated & network file systems like NFS, DRBD.
•Knowledge of LDAP & Active Directory.
•Scalability (Partitioning, Coupling, Caching etc.) & capacity planning concepts.
•24x7 uptime of IT services to support round the clock business requirement.
•Experience with automation / configuration management tools like Puppet / Chef /Ansible / Salt.
•In-depth Knowledge of MRTG, Nagios, Selinux.
•Experience with AWS is a strong plus.
•Familiarity with advanced tools like Apache Mesos, ZooKeeper is a plus.
•A degree in Computer Science or equivalent is required.
Company Name: Client of Symmetrical.
Location: Pune
Job Code:HR/SGS/972
Experience :8
Job Salary:
Last Date To Apply: 09-07-2016
Posted on : 01-07-2016