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Job Position: Java Product Engineering Architect
Job Description:Should be in love with coding, hard core programming - hands-on with most of the technologies in the Must-Have section.
•Should be able to write code keeping aspects like scalability, maintainability, testability and ability to refactor at later stage.
•You must be able to work with various design patterns and object oriented design concepts Write modular and optimal code.
•Should be crazy about automation be it effective use of IDEs, test automation techniques, source code scanning tools and very importantly deployment and delivery.
•Should be able to setup the build pipelines for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
•You should be able drive the culture for the above in the team and mentor the junior members.
•You must be keeping an eye on new technology and architecture evolution and introduce that in the product and encourage the team to do that.
•Should be an agile practitioner in spirit of it.

•Java 8
•Spring – Spring Framework/ Spring Booot/ Spring IO Platform
•ORM – Hibernate / JPA
•Database – Oracle 12C / PostgreSQL / MySQL
•Test Automation – Junit, RestAssured / Postman, Sallenium / Sahi, TSung/Gatling
•Distributed Message Queues – RabbitMQ / Active MQ
•Distributed Caching - Hazelcast / Radis / Memcached
•Tools – Liquibase, Apache Tomcat8, Gradle/Maven, Logback
Company Name: Client of Symmetrical.
Location: Bangalore
Job Code:HR/SGS/963
Experience :4
Job Salary:
Last Date To Apply: 22-06-2016
Posted on : 13-06-2016