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Job Position: Quantitative Research - Analyst
Job Description:Knowledge of various financial derivatives across asset class (Fixed Income, Credit Derivatives, Equity Derivatives, FX etc..)
•Implement financial or statistical techniques in Excel. Use VBA accordingly to write algorithms
•Conduct exhaustive research and understand the research in terms of the direction and usability towards the project
•Analyze data using various statistical and financial methods like using Regression, Time series analysis, PCA etc.
•Able to follow overall research, very often conducted in parallel legs, and able to the recognize the Aptitude for applying mathematical modeling to financial products/markets
•Must be independent enough to look for solutions to problems, but keep detailed records of what assumptions and steps were taken, and be able to communicate the logic in a clear and concise manner.

•Advanced Excel Skills and coding in VBA , Exposure to tools like Eviews, SPSS, Python, R, SAS
•Extraordinary high level of motivation and commitment to working hard
•Extraordinary high level of focus on work quality and attention to detail – making sure that all output are client ready with minimal supervision
•Effective communication skills, both verbal and written
•Strong business acumen and perspective
•A zeal to learn continuously and quickly
•Intellectual Superiority – strong analytical thinking
•1year relevant experience in financial derivatives
•Exposure in implementing quantitative analytical pricing models, valuation and identifying investment strategies
•Knowledge of the working of financial markets , macro economic factors influences and trading techniques
•Bachelor’s or Masters degree in Finance, Statistics, or Math or Engineering, or Econometrics
•Experience in back testing/ validation of trading strategies
•Project management and team leading skills
•MS Excel financial modelling in VBA and Python
•Exposure to atleast one other tools like Eviews, SPSS, Matlab, R, SAS
Company Name: Client of Symmetrical.
Location: Noida
Job Code:HR/SGS/942
Experience :1
Job Salary:
Last Date To Apply: 25.4.2016
Posted on : 18.4.2016