The consumer services sector in India is the most competitive, because it boasts of the most sought after careers and growth charts for candidates and companies alike. The biggest attraction for MNCs is the growing Indian middle class. MNCs hold an edge over their Indian counterparts in terms of superior technology combined with a steady flow of capital, while domestic companies compete on the basis of their well-acknowledged brands, an extensive distribution network and an insight in local market conditions. We, at Symmetrical offer specialized recruitment services in the Consumer & Services industry.

India is witnessing an unprecedented consumption boom, spurred by the country's emerging middle class. Retail sales in India's consumer goods market are expected to grow to US$ 400 billion by 2010. Foreign Direct Investment is increasing and India is today among the top investment hubs in the consumer sector. Services contribute 54.1 per cent of the country's US$ 720 billion GDP and employs around 23 per cent of its estimated 497 million workforces. Little wonder, then, that the sector is now the engine of economic growth in India.

We, Symmetrical, being one of the leading recruitment companies have the team of experienced recruitment professionals, who labors through the variables and mundane task associated with the hiring process, thus enabling our clients to focus on their business. With our high quality recruitment solutions in the Consumer & Services sector, you could save your time, money, and the trouble of sourcing & related tasks. Our range of recruitment services includes executive search and selection, advertised selection and RPO solutions.